Miriam Sweetin

Ms. Sweetin is a Tulsa native who joined the firm in 2007.  She was graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law second in her class and awarded the degree of Juris Doctor with Highest Honors. Ms. Sweetin was also certified in Energy and Environmental Law and first ranked in the Energy and Resources Law Concentration.

Ms. Sweetin's practice focuses primarily on oil and gas law and banking regulation, specializing in counseling clients in regulatory, supervisory and enforcement matters involving the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”). 

Ms. Sweetin's compliance practice includes:
  • Developing policies and procedures to reflect legal compliance requirements and best business practices;
  • Assisting banks to properly implement the new CFPB regulations, especially the rules related to ability to repay, qualified mortgages and loan originator compensation;
  • Advising clients on matters pursuant to RESPA, TILA, FCRA, FDCPA, TSR and the TCPA;
  • Analyzing matters pertaining to residential mortgage lending;
  • Structuring and developing compliance training programs;
  • Providing legal opinions regarding business modifications to reduce risks of regulatory enforcement and/or litigation by private citizens;
  • Assisting clients with CFPB exams; and
  • Investigating and responding to consumer complaints.

Ms. Sweetin also specializes in representing clients involved in oil and gas related disputes. She regularly prosecutes and defends suits involving operating agreements, lease provisions, title disputes, indemnity provisions, surface use issues and royalty payment disputes for both corporate and individual clients.

Ms. Sweetin assists nonprofit organizations with various legal and policy issues such as:
  • Early childhood education;
  • Public housing (Section 8 and HUD);
  • Federal grant applications; and
  • Privacy concerns.

Ms. Sweetin has undertaken humanitarian missions in Latvia, Poland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Wales, Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, and Nigeria. 

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